Maya Khan Terminated

Maya Khan and her entire team of the Morning show are being fired by Samaa TV because of the outrage that her raid on public parks caused amongst the people. Reportedly an online campaign against her suddenly catching unmarried couples dating, most of them without any consent or awareness of their parents, had resulted in this termination of contract.

How Maya Khan Fired?
When asked about the news being true, she accepted to reporters confirming that it is indeed the case. She herself put blame on other “rival media groups” which have campaigned against what she believes was her right to do.  Her rivals wanted to see her go and they just got that. She is disappointed about the fact that no one acknowledged the “good things” that she brought out through her show. She also refused to give unconditional apology that she was demanded.
Even a letter is available online where her termination has been expressed by the Samaa TV management. If what she believes is right and it highlighted something that is not acceptable in our culture, that is to deceive parents by not telling about one’s exact whereabouts, then she did what was the right thing to do. but she tried through her show to make a point that says DO NOT DO something that your parents will be hurt by.
If someone likes someone else, then they should first and foremost seek the consent of their parents. They should not go on hiding out in parks to get negative attention. There is a lesson to be learnt from her show. As to whether her being fired was the right move, the answer is absolutely not. As a media personality, she did what she thought she could through a media platform, which at the least should be looked upon as doing her job.

Maya Khan Fired

Maya Khan Fired
Apparently, firing Maya Khan, the head of the vigil-aunty brigade, along with her entire team is foremost success of the social media in the country.
A few days back, television viewers in Pakistan saw Maya Khan with a moral brigade, comprising elite-class aunties, raided a park in Karachi chasing dating couples.
Although it was not the first time people watched doing her something strange, it was the last episode proved to be the last straw for many others flagship morning shows.
Dating someone without a legal relationship is considered down upon in the Pakistani society and some girls have lost their lives by their family members due to this specific cause.
Maya Khan, the desperate for rating, has shown to be chased after couples as the show was on-aired live. It budged most part of the country and immediately social media users became active and bloggers started targeting Maya Khan and her channel.
Some of the social media activists termed her ‘chief of the moral police’ while a few compared her vigilantism to the ‘Lal Masjid mindset’.
Additionally, some Facebookers started uploading Maya Khan’s private snaps in which she was seen dancing with male friends, and doing hugs. A series of questions and mocks were also carried out along with these pictures, asking her to explain what was she doing with these people.
It seems that she wanted to boost the rating of her show by creating a new controversy but the water didn’t flow in a desired direction. A group of citizens started an online petition, urging upon Samaa TV’s management to instantly terminate her show.
People also started sending e-mails to Zafar Siddiqui, asking him to take notice of the issue and to off-air the show at the earliest. Ultimately, Maya Khan was fired from the TV channel after she refused to make an unconditional apology.
A famous BBC journalist commented, “If you have a mike and a camera in Pakistan, you are assistants to God on earth and can do whatever you like.” Not only journalist but owners and management of the TV channels sometimes also create controversies to get higher ratings.
However, the social media for the first time in Pakistan succeeded by compelling a private TV channel to close a notorious morning show off-air. Many critics believe that social media will assist the traditional media in forming a code of ethics in the near future.


Reema weds Dr Shahab in Virginia Reema Khan is marrying Dr Tariq Shahab on 18th Novemeber

LAHORE: Lollywood barbie doll Reema Khan has officially tied knot with American cardiologist surgeon Dr Tariq Shahab Wednesday in Virginia court.

According to media sources, the Nikkah took place at a local court in Virginia according to American law while Rukhsati will take place on November 18.

While talking to Private Channel on telephone, Reema said that she considers herself very lucky as she will be a part of an educated and respected family.

Regarding wedding preparations, the actress told that she has put amazing Henna designs on her palms and her family members have created a joyful wedding mood all around.

Hassan Shehryar, who is a Pakistani fashion designer of international repute, has prepared the wedding dresses for the bride and groom.

The wedding ceremonies began from Monday with the Mayun function.

Reema is in the US with her parents and relatives who will attend the wedding functions. After marriage, the actress will stay in America for few weeks in a house bought by Dr Shahab for his wife.

Reema Khan Pakistani Film Star spend her honeymoon time in Italy and Paris France.

Where reema khan will spend her honeytime ?

Reema Khan will Spend her honeymoon time in Italy and Paris.Mostly newly married couple choose France for honeymoon.

Paris is best place for honeymoon.

Dr Tariq Shahab gift her a Brand New BMW Car.Her mother-in-law gift her a beautfull home in salami. & 50,000$ haq-mehar.

Reema told to media the her In-Law family is very educated.

Aishwarya Rai Gives Birth To A Baby Girl - For now, Aishwarya's baby nicknamed Beti B - Aishwarya delivery: Pics from Seven Hills City - 11-11-11

Excitement over soon-to be-born Baby B reached fever pitch last night on the eve of 11.11.11, when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appeared at the Seven Hills Hospital. 

Earlier, Aishwarya's father-in-law and superstar Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter timeline was jammed with messages congratulating him for the birth of Aishwarya's baby boy. This, after another round of gossip claiming she had delivered on the day which reportedly had 150 crore riding on it as bookies across the country went on an overdrive. 

We take a close look at the hospital that is now in the centre of media attention and tell you why the Bachchans may have chosen it for Baby B.

Bollywood's power couple Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai have finally become parents as Aishwarya Rai gave birth to a baby girl just before 10 a.m. this Wednesday and the new dad Abhishek thanked all his friends and fans for their kind wishes and regards and also told them that both the mother and child are fine and doing well.

Apart from Abhishek Bachan who wasnt able to sleep after seeing her daughter new grandparent Amitabh Bachchan too couldn't control his happiness and tweeted: "I AM DADA to the cutest baby girl, A dada ji Ecstatic."

The delivery which took nearly six hours was a normal one and both the Rai and the Bachan families were present in the luxury private hospital in Andheri east. The hospital was also under tight security because of the new born and the celebs present in the hospital.

After Abhishek announced the good news stars such as Karan Johar, Bipasha Basu, Javed Akhtar, Anupam Kher, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, Boman Irani, Raveena Tandon, Sonu Sood, Sonam Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Shreya Ghoshal, Aftab Shivdasani, Vishal Dadlani were among the many other who tweeted their congrats to the couple.

Aishwarya is 38 years old and Abhishek is 35 years old and this is their first child. However, this is the third time Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachan have become grandparents as they already have two from their daughter Shweta.

Parents Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have decided to call their newborn baby 'Beti B,' as suggested by actress Shahana Goswami until they find a good name.

Abhishek tweeted: 'Till we find a name for the little lady a dear friend @ShahanaGoswami gave me a great one. We have Sr B and Jr B already so... Beti B!'

Meanwhile, the actor was amazed by girl power. 'How do women/mothers do it? I'm walking around like a zombie and the Mrs. Is like a super trooper with a bit of bionic woman thrown in!!! Parent. And I finally understand why they still at the age of 35 treat me like a baby and cannot accept that I'm a grown man today. Much like my father @SrBachchan I too spent the day observing every little thing about the little one. But my greatest observation is..... I don't think I'll be any different,' he added

Jaya Bachchan is not happy after the birth of baby girl - seven hills hospital

Jaya Bachchan is not happy from baby GRIL.


Jaya Bachchan-deny-to-face-the-media.

aishwarya-rai-baby-girl birth make her unhappy.

Jaya Bachchan is not happy from baby GRIL.

Jaya Bachchan who’s is mother is law of aishwarya rai is not happy from baby GRIL.She left hospital only after 3 hour after the birth of baby girl.

According to hospital management, Jaya Bachchan was not feeling well thats why she left the seven hills hospital and go their home for rest. But Its top secret news that she was not happy with the birth of girl and in ultrasound report which was taken in 25 month of pregnancy of aishwarya baby was expected a boy. All preparations were done for baby GUY but unexpectedly Aishwarya rai delivered a baby girl and Bachchan family is also not happy from the management of Seven hills hospital because they blame to the management that some of their family news leaks in media due to their irresponsible staff of hospital.

Reema Khan Wedding News Package 18 November 2011 in green dress Dunya TV-16-11-2011-Reema's Wedding film star celebrity reema khan wedding shadi mehnd

Reema Khan Wedding News Package 15 November 2011 Dunya TV-16-11-2011-Reema's Wedding film star celebrity reema khan wedding shadi mehndi picutres wali

Reema's wedding - bhabi dance

Dunya TV-16-11-2011-Reema's Wedding film star celebrity reema khan wedding shadi mehndi picutres walima video Washington Sherton hotel

Dunya TV-16-11-2011-Reema's Wedding film star celebrity reema khan wedding shadi mehndi picutres walima video Washington Sherton hotel